Cottonwood Bay Resort

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When you follow the faster Route 3 you turn left onto Hwy 24 in Little Fort. After approximately 49 km you’ll see:

K640_From East 1
K640_From East 2

Cottonwood Bay Resort is located at Hwy 24 which is approximately 100 km long. We are right in the middle of that stretch. When you follow Route 1 or 2 turn right onto Hwy 24. After approx.49 km you’ll see:

K640_From West 1

Turn left onto Cottonwood Bay Road. Arrive after 300 meters. If you missed the turn off, you’ll see the following sign. Then just turn left next and then left again. After 300 meters you’ll be here.

K640_From West 3

You can see us from the Hwy.

K640_From east 3

Turn right next onto Cottonwood Bay Road. After 300 meters you’re here.